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Friday, 2 November 2007

Welcome back, Mel!

Much to the delight of all Brits on the ship, the legendary ex-Royal Catering Corp chef, Mel Somershall (and his wife Sue) have returned to serve on the Africa Mercy for seven weeks. British morale has immediatly improved, as we look forward to each meal. So far we've had genuine British fish & chips, roast pork, roast chicken, traditional stew, and spag bog - each meal in itself a work of art - and finished with a traditional British pudding, like spotted dick or apple pie and custard. God bless you Mel! Olly


Anonymous said...

I think if you see the Ship's doctor you'll be able to get some cream for your Spotted Dick as well!

tyronebcookin said...

I think you may need to delete comment one from anonymous.

Spag bog? Or to the Americans it would have been spaghetti bolognese! (or just bolognese) Which they probably loved as well.

Ahh, spotted dick also known as spotted dog, plum duff, steamed dicky, dicky pudding, figgy dowdy, as well as plum bolster, and Spotted Richard.

To the US people it would probably be custard and raisins or dried fruit.

I can imagine it is a great morale booster for the British as well as the westerners...but what do I know?