Thursday, 29 August 2013 reunion

We spent the last couple of weeks with our German family, the Kronesters, who we used to live with on the Africa Mercy and who now live in Bavaria and who run the Mercy Ships Germany office. We spent a couple of days in the foothills of the German Alps before the weather deteriorated, and took some lovely photos against the spectacular scenery. 

Ah, what a great time we had. What a lovely place. Thank you for your hospitality, Ines and Udo. You drove us many hundreds of miles, introduced us to many great places and sights, and gave us great food and company. We wish we were still with you in your beautiful home. Olly

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ten years of peace

On 17th August 2003, Charles Taylor left Liberia and went into exile in Nigeria. And thus the peace process started, culminating in the arrival of Nigerian lead peacekeepers in September 2003 on behalf of ECOWAS. Now UNMIL - the United Nations Mission in Liberia - has made released an excellent (but low-res) short video about the last ten years of peace in Liberia - click here to watch it. Olly