Friday, 30 November 2007

Sailing again

Our family are sailing again, 18 months since our last sail with Mercy Ships. It feels great to be out in the clear blue ocean again, without a spot of garbage in sight. We left the Freeport of Monrovia around noon on Friday, and followed the coast of Liberia until it disappeared into the dusk. We could clearly see the huge shape of Cape Mountain, from where Libby's Vai Tribe comes from, and where she was born. The sea is very calm, although the Africa Mercy rolls and wallows much more than the Anastasis ever did. Friday morning was taken up with a Stowaway Search, then a Fire and Abandon Ship Drill, and then another Stowaway Search as we started to sail. We spent the afternoon continuing to secure the ship, and getting used to the rolling motion, which makes us tired - Sally and I slept from 9pm Friday until 7ish Saturday. This morning we opened the curtains on a beautiful sunrise over a flat sea, and after breakfast saw a school of dolphins swimming alongside the ship. Now we are enjoying the change of pace and enforced restful weekend, and settling into the routine of the six day sail to Gran Canaria. Olly

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