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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Monrovia's Water Plant

Today I accompanied the Africa Mercy's Chief Engineer and Chief Electrician to Monrovia's Water Treatment Plant, where they finished installing a third water pump which will increase water pressure sufficiently to allow treated water to be pumped right into the Monrovia's city centre for the first time in 17 years. Back in 1990, Charles Taylor's rebel army destroyed the Mount Coffee Dam, which provided both water and hydro-electric power to the water plant and city, and although European Union funds and engineers installed diesel generators and pumps in 1991, the plant still remains a shadow of what it once was. It currently produces 3 million gallons a day, but before the war it was producing 16 million gallons a day. The World Bank is currently in the process of funding a multi-million dollar investment in the plant, which should begin mid 2008, but in the meantime Mercy Ships engineers are keeping the plant working - since early 2005 they have rebuilt two pumps, installed one other, mended numerous leaks, replaced numerous valves and made countless modifications and repairs to keep the water flowing. Photo of Chief Engineer Richard Postles and Chief Electrician Arthur Francis installing the new engine and pump. Olly

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