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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Electricity in Liberia...Part 1

Our little generator at our house here in Monrovia had a generating capacity of 2,000 watts of electricity - enough to power some lights and fans and the fridge;
Our big generator had a generating capacity of 20,000 watts - enough to power every light in the house, two water heaters, an oven, a kettle, a well pump, a washing machine and a tumble dryer, a TV, a computer and a couple of battery chargers;
Liberia Electric Co has a total generating capacity throughout the whole of Monrovia of 1.3kw or 1,300,000 watts;
The Africa Mercy has a generating capacity of 3kw, or 3,000,000 watts;
The Mount Coffee Hydro Electric Dam had a generating capacity of 64kw, or 64,000,000 watts until it was destroyed by Charles Taylor's rebel army in 1990. More on that in "Electricity in Liberia ...Part 2". Olly

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