Monday, 30 April 2012

KLOVE from the Africa Mercy

This week, Amy from the US Christian radio station KLOVE's breakfast show will be reporting from the Africa Mercy in Togo. I love that station, and listen as much as I can via the internet in the UK. I really hope I can catch some of it. You can listen on Olly

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Libby's Court Hearing next Wednesday!

Yes, next Wednesday we are ordered to appear before the local County Court for the Judge to make (or not make) a UK adoption order for Libby. If successful, she will be recognised as legally adopted by us in the UK, and will immediately become a British Citizen. Please pray for us; that we get there OK and in plenty of time, and that we have a calm and successful hearing. Olly

Charles Taylor's Last Stand

Today, 26th April 2012, we will hear the outcome of Charles Taylor's war crimes trial. Click here to read the BBC's summary before the decision is made. Olly

Monday, 16 April 2012

Happy Birthday Sally

Sally and I have just spent the weekend in London to celebrate her 40th birthday! We went up by coach, spent most of Saturday walking around the West End, saw Les Miserables in the evening, and spent the night at the Marble Arch Thistle. On Sunday we attended a Sushi making course at Yo! Sushi in Soho, where we spent 3 hours learning the fact here is Sally having made a roll before cutting it...

...and here is the end result:

Looks good, eh? We ate nearly as much as we made, and are heartily sick of the site of sushi now. Hopefully we'll learn to love it again soon, as our fridge has 7 take-away sushi meals in it which we dragged around London after making.

After the course we walked miles across London again, from Soho through the beautiful Royal Parks to South Kensington before catching the coach home. Below, us on the bridge over the Serpentine Lake at Hyde Park. Another beautiful but cold day.

Thank you Nanny and Grandad for having Noah, Anna and Libby to stay. Sorry they gave you the cold! Hope you both get better soon. Olly

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another brilliant BBC article on Liberia... none other than John Humphrys. Click here to read "Forecasting Africa's future through Bong County" and other articles. Olly