Sunday, 18 November 2007

Liberia's road rehabilitation program commences

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has broken grounds for the start of major road rehabilitation works in the country. Speaking Friday during the ceremony, the President said the exercise will not be limited to Monrovia alone but extended to rural Liberia, especially in the south east, where roads in that part of the country are in a deplorable state due to lack of maintenance over the years. The President said the labor intensive road rehabilitation project will provide job opportunities for many Liberians and facilitate the movement of goods and services throughout the country upon completion. She appealed for understanding and cooperation as the rehabilitation exercise gets underway. The Public Works Minster disclosed that phase-one of the general rehabilitation of roads will cost $23 million US dollars. Phase-two is estimated at more than $25 million US dollars. The amount is being solicited from the country's development partners. Areas to benefit from the first phase of the road construction and rehabilitation include Greater Monrovia; Freeport to Red Light, Somalia Drive, ELWA Junction to Roberts International Airport, amongst others. Phase-2, according to the Minister, will cover Cotton-Tree in Margibi County to Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Caldwell, and Careysburg, amongst others. The road project is being undertaken by a Chinese Construction company known as CHICO, The Chinese Highway International Corporation. The company has been involved in road construction in more than fifteen African Countries, as well as Europe and Asia.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that all these black celebrity's over here in america havent did more for liberia.I feel utterly discussed about how the black people here in america aren't standing up,and helping out our brother's and sister's in africa.It's really really ashame that instead of our own people coming to help us,we have to depend on the chinese people to help us instead.Why are we letting the chinese people in to help now?WHAT ARE WE HAVING TO DO FOR THEM IN RETURN FOR THE HELP! One of my biggest fear's are to bring my daughter back home to africa,and all of the culture and tradition's are gone.What kinda africa will she come home to?I noticed that when a wealthy country come's into a struggling country they bring there own culture with them.Lot's of times they impose there tradition's and culture on the struggling country.I'm all for diversity,but african culture and tradition's are sacred to me.Please make sure that no matter how many foreigners come in and help out liberia,liberia remains liberia.NO MATTER WHAT!