Monday, 12 November 2007

An invitation from the President of Liberia

Dear Mr. Stephens,
On behalf of the people of Liberia, I wish to thank the Mercy Ships for the continuing excellent medical service rendered to our citizens. This is also a warm invitation to the Africa Mercy to return to our country in February 2008. As Liberia works to rebuild its health care system, the Africa Mercy offers an indispensable bridge by responding to the individual medical crises that have kept too many of our citizens on the sidelines. These are people who want an active role in the reconstruction of Liberia - the fulfillment of their dreams of a strong and stable country. We also welcome back to Liberia the hundreds of volunteers who donate their human and financial resources to provide care and comfort to our people. These dedicated volunteers make it possible for the people of Liberia to receive first-class medical care. This relieves the burden on our Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, thus allowing Minister Walter Gwenigale and his team to formulate and implement the National Health Policy and Plan that will take Liberia into the future with a dependable national health system. In order that you might receive the maximum support in the service of our people, I have asked Dr Gwenigale to coordinate, on behalf of Government, your return visit in Feburary 2008. Once again, please accept our profound thanks and appreciation for the sacrificial service rendered by Mercy Ships.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
President of Liberia

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