Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Catching up

It's been a while. So I'm catching up. TWO WEEKS AGO the kids started at British schools - and here they are in their new uniforms. It was great to know that people all over the world were praying for them (and we certainly surrounded their first day in prayer): all three had a great time and continue to do so, praise God.

I am still adjusting to life in the UK and am amazed at how long it's taking me to get over being home-sick for the ship and West Africa (anyone else still suffering right now?). My therapy is listening to KLOVE from the States in the evenings (isn't Amanda brilliant?). We are attending a good church in Yeovil that has a few West Africans in it, who all adore Libby, and one of whom has already cooked us rice and chicken and beans (and another has promised Jollof rice!). I am still building stone-splitters, and still asking myself what my new life's all about. Sally is trying to renew her registration as a British speech therapist. Hopefully this week we'll finalise selling our house in Hertfordshire and buying one in the South West, although we won't be able to move in until early October (by which time we will have been living with my parents for 3 whole months, God bless 'em).

Ooh - did I already say that it's the coldest British summer in 20 years? How I long to be hot and sweaty again!

Bye for now, write soon. Olly