Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Pre-war Liberia

I'm fascinated by what Liberia used to be like before the war - everywhere I look there are remains of once-great things. Does anyone out there have photos of the Mount Coffee Dam, Bong Mines, Bomi Mines, Monrovia City, the Freeport, the fact, anything now reduced to a shadow of what it once was? Olly


Michael said...

i have got some old photos and video of what Liberia used to look like, look for the post called images of liberia in the 60s and 70s, there is also a video on the side bar of my page called liberia during the rule of president Tubman, it is video i posted on youtube, look for the link on my page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie - I am researching for a speach at uni which I am doing on the Liberia Civial Wars - and guess what came up when i googled Pre Liberian Civil War prosperity ..... I would be really interested in hearing what your perceptions are and your main take-away!

Sharon Walls (Mercy Ships NZ)