Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday 22nd August

Here's a cool photo of Libby (on the right) holding a little patient with Noma, taken in the Mercy Ships' Hope Centre in Freetown, earlier this year (thanks Jodie!). I forget that Libby isn't the smallest kid around any more...

In other news, Sally bought winter dressing gowns for our kids today, and they wore them all afternoon - Libby even wore hers in the shopping centre - despite it being the hottest day since we came home. Periodically they would have to remove them to cool down their dripping bodies. Huh. Olly

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Two weeks later...

Making great progress. Managed a whole shop at big supermarket without crying or getting flustered! And have made contact with the local West African community too - we enjoyed chatting about plantains and cassava for a few moments (and of course they LOVE Libby!)...Today a big article on Mercy Ships appeared in the Sunday Times - you can read it online of you are willing to part with £1, go to We are mentioned by name, and there is even a photo of Noah (and Anna's right foot) jumping into the ship's pool with other ship kids! Made us proud once again to have been part of such an amazing org for so long, and sad of course that we are no longer on the front line. Still praying about what God has in store for us next - we are willing to GO! but need some UK-time, so need to hear from him about what we can get involved with in our local community...Olly