Friday, 23 November 2007

Last day for patients

Today is the last day for patients on the ward. The hospital is being cleaned and packed away in preparation for our sail to Gran Canaria at the end of next week. One of our Liberian day-workers who lives ashore has been trained in wound dressing, and has been equiped with all the supplies she needs, so any patients needing additional medical care can refer to her whilst we are away. It is an emotional day as we say goodbye to patients who we have prayed for and spent time with, and who have become part of our lives here, especially for me and other technical staff who work alongside the hospital. As I walk the corridors today the four wards are getting more and more empty. There is an atmosphere that reminds me of the last day of school term. I'm sure we will see many of the patients again as they visit us next year, and some will even be re-admitted for follow-up surgery. Photo of Nurse Rachel and Nurse Becky and some of the last patients. Olly

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