Monday, 4 August 2008

New Mercy Ships logo

Last Thursday evening, the new Mercy Ships logo was unveiled. Here it is (taken as a photo from the back of a t-shirt, hence its a bit wonky):
Developed by Satchi & Saatchi in the UK, the new logo clearly shows a ship with a medical cross on the side, and a Christian cross on the mast. The rings coming out from the ship are supposed to represent the world. I don't think its too bad, although I am sorry to say goodbye to the old logo. What do you think? Please comment. Olly


cheryl said...

Does this mean my water bottles are now collector's items? ha. It's alright, but will take some getting used to. I agree that it's never fun to say goodbye, even to a logo. I like the symbolism in the one, though.

eric said...

I don't like it. And I have t-shirts going back three logos.