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Monday, 18 August 2008

M/V Torm Alexandra update

One year ago on 16th August 2007, a Ghanaian salvage team started their salvage attempt on the Torm Alexandra. They have so far been successful in righting the ship and floating the bow, but the stern remains submerged despite continual pumping. I seriously doubt we will see the ship fully floated before we leave Liberia mid December. Photo above of the Torm Alexandra as she capsized on 24th July 2002. Photo below of the ship as we found her upon our return to Liberia in mid February 2008. Olly


mehranw3 said...

Thanks for the info - I was trying to find out what happened to the Torm Alexandra and came across your blog. Well done!

Capt Mehran Wahid
Sri Lanka

Richard said...

thought you might be interested to know that as per Afritramp (agents in Monrovia port) they finally got rid of this vessel last week.