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Sunday, 10 August 2008

CeCes Beach is GONE!

Yesterday at 1.30pm, the Virginia swamp overflowed and cut a new river flowed through CeCes Beach, where we have spent hundreds of happy hours over the last three years, almost completely destroying the place. Gone is the beach area where we used to play; gone is the car park and road; gone is the gatehouse and generator shed; gone are countless thousands of dollars worth of tables and chairs buildings and years of investment...The toilets and the table-tennis room are toppling into the new river even as I write. Hundreds of site-seers have visited the disaster site today, including the President of Liberia herself. It is simply unbelievable what Mother Nature can do when faced with the encroachments of mankind into areas where we plainly shouldn't be. Olly

Above, all this area used to be beach.

Above, the road used to go between these buildings.

Above, the remains of CeCes hotel. The generator shed used to be where the river is now. The generator man was feared dead, but was found fit and healthy earlier today.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news indeed! I spent many a pleasant Satuday afternoon out there in my time. A pity for all the folks who relied on the beach for their employment, too.