Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bad media

In early 2006 an article appeared in a Liberian newspaper saying that some women on the Mercy Ship were child trafficking. The truth was that three families (including us) had felt lead by God to legally adopt Liberian babies. Such a newspaper article is hurtful to say the least, and can have a disastrous effect on our image and reputation…so imagine our horror once again when an article was published last week entitled "Mercy Ship and kidney sales", implying that Mercy Ships is behind a spate of recent abductions and murders (which are actually the work of Satanic Cults, as per my recent blog entry entitled "Body Parts for Satan"), and implying that our surgeons then removed the murdered victim's kidneys which were sold in the USA. Our leadership is doing everything they can to get the article withdrawn, but the damage has already been done locally to our reputation. Our safety is even less secure than previously, so we are being extra careful ashore. But it is some of our Liberian staff who are feeling the brunt of the population's anger at the moment – please pray for their safety. They are good guys, and extremely hardworking, and don't deserve to be treated badly by their country folk because of the viscous lies published by the idiot media. Olly

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Steven said...


Maybe you should keep this article, and the way these allegations made you feel, in mind before spreading erroneous and endangering rumours about other companies working in the port.
Not only newspapers, but also weblogs have their influence when spreading unverified information.

have a nice stay in Tenerife,