Sunday, 10 August 2008

Some interesting old photos

These photos of the Africa Mercy were taken in the Camel Laird Shipyard in Newcastle, in 2001, and show the ship in the process of conversion.

Above, the aft bridge has been removed and the new cabins installed on Deck 6 and Deck 7. The crane is not yet in place.
Above, the bow door has been lifted and you can see the fire-proof panels have been inserted. This area is now used as the Bosun's Locker.

Above, the aft door lifted. It has now been welded shut to create the aft end of the cargo hold in which 20 shipping containers are stored with supplies.
Interesting eh? Olly

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tyronebcookin said...

hey, I saw this picture on 'The Peets of Pippin Cottage'...