Tuesday, 29 July 2008


As we try to keep as many Mercy Ship vehicles on the road as possible, we get through crate loads of rags (which we use for wiping up spilt oil etc). The best rags are undoubtedly old t-shirts, and herein lies the problem: it's a crying shame to cut-up even the grottiest of t-shirts in Liberia, when so many people are only wearing rags themselves. Every time I buy a bundle of spoilt t-shirts, with the intention of cutting them up, they are snatched up by our Liberian mechanics and drivers so they can wear them. I will have to re-direct my search for rags elsewhere. Olly

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tyronebcookin said...

|can supply you some, I need to go thru my cabinet of 'towels' to replace them because I have more in the storage that have been there forever...plus they are looking more like 'rags' every day.

And of course nobody can wear them!