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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wulki Farm

Today we left the big city and drove out past the incredible Omega Tower (the highest man-made structure in Africa) into the beautiful Liberian countryside to visit Wulki Farms, owned by Benoni Urey. The farm is the nearest and only thing in Liberia anything like a zoo - with ponies and donkies, chimps (which were desperate to be held), rabbits, ostriches and crocodiles. The highlight of the day was seeing piglets being born. Libby was absolutely terrified of every animal and bird, no matter how large or small, and refused to come out of the car with the exception of when we got to the crocodile pens, which she said were "my fav'rite ones". A great day out, and a lovely chance to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. Photo of Sally and a chimp. Olly


Anonymous said...

Do you know who Mr. Urey and his wife are and what they did during Taylor's time and now that stolen and laundered money is keeping his farm going and his kids in expensive schools overseas and those very children go on expensive vacations a few times a year? That man and his wife were involved in many things that they will never have to pay for yet all the foreigners go to his farm to play with the animals and eat at his restaurant as if nothing he did matters. Just ask the workers there if they ever got paid. how many of them are even paid now.all these things have happened in Liberia and so many of the people who exploited us and kept us down are still the big men and the big women - it is so very shameful.the UN itself is using so many of the crooks in their work in Liberia - look at another of Taylor's buddies. Sam Gibson with his hotel in mamba point. everyone goes there and that man was a big crook.oh liberia. it will never end.

Anonymous said...

the man is one of taylor followers and every penny that he now has was stolen,,, look how he lived before taylor and how he lived during and after taylor,,, he is a thief as are the rest and should be ashamed!! they still continue to lavishly spend all the country's money while people barely have food to eat. What a shame!