Saturday, 24 May 2008

Liberian Power Station

Here is a photo of a rare facility in Monrovia: a power station. Many homes and businesses get their electricity from this one in Randall Street. It simply consists of three or four medium sized generators which can supply its clients with a very limited amount of current. The air around it is thick with greasy black diesel fumes, and the skies around it are full of thin wires carrying current to customers, some of which are so low that trucks driving down the road often become entangled. The Liberian economy still relies on privately owned generators like this, but the Liberian Electricity Company is slowly installing power grids to small sections of the city which can provide more reliable and greater quantities of power via their huge generators. And the LEC grids are providing street lighting too. Olly

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Anonymous said...

Hey Peet Family! Just wanted you to watch for a member of our family who will be arriving on May 30th at the Monrovia Airport at about 11:45 or 12 noon - AST (That is African Standard Time and you know how on-time that is!) Philip Simah (Josiah's brother) will be serving onboard for 9 months. I have shipped him a camera via the IOC, when he gets it could you help him figure out how to use it please? Thank you so much! We miss all of you very much!! Big hugs to you from us and lots of love to boot! The Olson's