Sunday, 11 May 2008

Aunty Barbara

A week ago, my father's 71 year old sister had a massive stroke and died in hospital in York. This sad event has increased our feeling of isolation from our families in the UK, and I am very sad to be missing the funeral tomorrow afternoon. Sally and I have both been very shaken by her death and feel very vulnerable right now. We are praying that God will restore our strength and focus quickly. Olly


american mom said...

Peet Family.

As American Mom in Colorado with our Friends of Daniel network, and our Poawalio family in Monrovia, we
extend our sympathies to you. The distance across the ocean sometimes seems further when a loss is present, thus, we join you
in deepest sympathy.
Daniel, American Mom talking drum blog

Nadine said...

Hey there,
I'm praying for you guys.