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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Garbage skips in Monrovia

Hundreds of big yellow garbage slips have recently been deployed at nearly every street corner in Monrovia by an unknown NGO, which has several skip trucks which spend all day driving backwards and forward emptying them. Good job. We really appreciate the difference. Thank you, whoever you are, dear NGO. Olly


Anonymous said...

The garbage bins were provided by Monrovia City Corporation. If an NGO had provided them, they would have placed the name on them.

The Peet Family in Liberia: said...

Hmmm, then why don't they have "MCC" on the side of them? And why do the trucks that empty them have NG licence plates? Olly

Anonymous said...

There reason why they don't have MCC on them is best known to the City Corporation.

I stipulatd in my earlier post that had it being an NGO, they would have placed their logo on them. I can't think of any NGO or International Organization in Liberia that does not mark their property.

Some of the trucks that empty them were contracted by the MCC. The MCC outsourced some responsibilities in order to make the garbage disposal effective and efficient.

The Peet Family in Liberia: said...

Thanks friend for your comments. I appreciate them. Olly

Anonymous said...

you welcome.