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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

More current coming

Today I toured what remains of the Bushrod Island Power Station, which until 1997 provided power to most of Liberia during the dry season (whilst the hydro-electric plant produced power in the rainy season). Little remains of the original engines or generators, but it was encouraging to see the installation of two 1.25 megawatt containerised generators which have recently been provided by Norway. Winston, my guide and employee of LEC of 14 years, told me that American funding was putting up power lines from Bong Mines Bridge to St Pauls River Bridge, and EU funding will shortly be doing the same to the New Bridge, so all of Bushrod Island will have access to electricity soon. Meanwhile, LEC is installing five more big containerised generators to supply current to the city and as far out as Payneville, which is extremely encouraging. Olly

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