Saturday, 24 May 2008

Scrap dealers intensify campaign against illegal scrappers

A campaign launched by the Liberian Scrap Association to cortail illegal scrapping in the country has intensified with the association arresting several illegal scrappers in the country. Information available shows that some dishonest individuals have been in the habits of scrapping the manholes and other facilities in the country and these evil minded individuals have been caught by the association task force committee. A comprehensive investigation on the operation of the Liberian scrap industry and the imminent ban that the Government of Liberia intends to impose on the association has revealed that over 25,000 Liberians may likely be affected and subsequently put out of job if the ban is imposed. According to a recent survey there are over 2,000 Liberians who are regularly employed with the scrap association and another 15,000 who are casual workers with the association.

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