Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Libby and Sammy

Our Libby is two and her little Liberian friend Sammy is five, yet somehow Libby is bigger than Sammy. In fact, nearly everyone is bigger than Sammy, because his dad has been unemployed for years and not been able to provide a decent diet for his family. This isn't happening in some remote and inaccessible corner of Liberia - it's right here on Congo Town Back Road! Olly

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The Holmes 4 said...

Hey guys, Looks like your settling into life in Liberia well.
As you may have noticed, we aren't onboard the ship anymore but here in Van, Texas at the IOC.
I have a lovely big swimming pool in our warehouse for you. Hopefully it will fit into the next container.
Love, russ, Carrie, Rachel & Katie