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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A great day for Mercy Ships

In 1999, Mercy Ships was donated the 18,000 tonne M/V Dronning Ingrid, a former Danish railway ferry, and work commenced to convert her into the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship. Today, nearly 8 years later and at a cost of over $60 million, the ship renamed M/V Africa Mercy arrived here in Liberia, and moored across the dock from the aging 12,000 tonne M/V Anastasis. It was a wonderful day but emotional day, as crew from both ships met and shed a tear or two at the end of so many years of hard labour. Tears were also shed for the beginning of the end of the Anastasis, our home for 2 years. She is a dear old ship, with plenty of character but high maintenance costs: later this week crew will start moving their possessions into the new ship, and before too long the Anastasis will be sailing for the scrap yard in India. She will be missed. Olly

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