Friday, 11 May 2007


Last night it rained for 9 hours constantly, often torrential rain that came with hurricane force winds that blew water horizontally inside buildings for 3 or 4 meters. Monrovia looked a very sad place this morning as thousands of bleary eyed people came out of their flooded houses and tried to face the day ahead. They are tired, cold, damp and dispirited, after spending the night trying to salvage their worldly possessions. Huge numbers of the population here live in temporary houses made of sticks with mat sides, which are far from waterproof, and corrugated iron roofs. Our dear friend Musu - who had so much water in her rented room that her mattress was floating - has been forced to find a new room to rent for herself, her two grown up children and her three grandchildren (all in 1 room!). As for us, we are fine. We enjoyed the drop in temperature from 31 degrees C to 26 degrees, and our house has remained wind and water proof. Please spare a thought for the people living in the rain-damaged houses and take time to pray for them. We have 5 more months ahead of us of this rainy weather. Olly

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