Sunday, 10 June 2007

Anna's accident

Since the Mercy Ships crew arrived in Liberia in January, we have needed to call upon their help three times - when Noah had malaria, when Anna needed stitches in her eye-lid, and again this weekend when Anna split her chin open in a fall, and needed another six stitches. Thank you Dr Keith Chapman and Nurse Jo Postles. We are incredibly blessed to know you guys. These ongoing accidents and our increasing awareness of the state of the hospitals here are making us very shaky about staying on in Liberia when the ship sails in November. Only today we heard about a boy who died because a hospital gave him the wrong medicine - and this is not an uncommon occurrence. Olly


Loni said...

Anna-B: I am so glad that Mercy Ships was there when you needed your owie fixed!! Thank heaven for Keith!!! Glad you are all okay afer your mishap in the Landrover too! Sounds like maybe we should trade the Fords in on one!!! : ) Our pot holes are not that large, but are vehicles take a beating sometimes! Love you all! ;) Loni

The Holmes 4 said...

God placed you where He wanted you to be, keep your chins up, no pun intended, and we will pray for your safety! 'I will never leave you nor forsake you". Keep hold of those words always.

You guys are doing great and you are an inspiration to many.

Lots of love
The Holmes 4