Tuesday, 29 May 2007

City water in Congo Town Back Road

This morning, to our surprise, we found thousands of gallons of fresh water pouring out of a broken city water pipe into our back garden. This is incredible progress by Liberia Water & Sewer Co, after 15 years of the pipes around here being totally dry. On my way to work I passed flood after flood, as households all along our road experienced the same pipe leaks. LWSC have a massive job ahead of them as they battle to stop millions of gallons of water an hour pouring into the sandy earth. And this is in part down to the work of our great friends in Mercy Ships, who spent many hours rebuilding water pumps at the water plant, so that the pipes could flow again. Olly

1 comment:

Eric Williams said...

What great news! (except for the swamp effect in your back garden...)

It's encouraging to hear that the upward trajectory continues for Monrovia's infrastructure.

Even if the garbage cans do get stolen...