Thursday, 3 May 2007

We are so sore.

Noah's legs are covered in mosquito bites that are becoming infected as he scratches them, Anna has an infected and swollen leg from a spider bite, Libby's ankles are covered in fire-ant bites which she scratches all the time, and I am suffering from sores caused by constant sweat...can you spare a moment to pray that we heal quickly? Thanks. Olly

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Loni said...

Lord, please heal the Peet's from the bug bites and place a protective barrier around them so they will not get bit up as much. May the infections be minimal and no scaring take place. Please help Olly not to sweat so much--(sorry olly, not sure how to ask any different for that one) Please keep Sally strong to help care for her families discomforts. Thank you Lord for their willingness to serve You despite the discomforts they have to endure! Bless them Lord! Thank you! Amen