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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Wave Pool progress

Its been an exciting week: the wooden edges for the Africa Mercy's own wave-pool have arrived and are nearly all fitted; the screen for the railings has also arrived and is nearly all fitted; and the pool was filled with water overnight! Photo below of the pool, facing to port side...

and below of the pool facing starboard side.

I think its fair to say the pool has a major design fault: it lies across the width of the ship instead of along the length of the ship, so the water sloshes massively along its 16 meter length. The waves in the pool are 2 or 3 feet high at each end, and water sloshes out of the pool continuously, so additional drains need to be installed to keep Pool Deck dry. Sloshing is so excessive that at times the pump intakes on the sides are left high and dry, which sucks air into the system (so we still have plenty to work on)...but hopefully we'll be swimming some time this week or next week... Olly

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