Friday, 14 May 2010

Top Ten of Olly's favourite types of ship

#10 - Bulk carriers with cement clinker (oh, how I hate them!);
  #9 - Bulk carriers with steel for construction (boring and rusty);
  #8 - Bulk carriers with fertilizer (boring and health risk?);
  #7 - Bulk carriers with grain for bread and beer (boring, but bread and beer are important, right?);
  #6 - Bulk carriers with sugar (boring and make a sticky mess);
  #5 - Ships full of frozen fish (boring and leave packing cartons everywhere);
  #4 - Bulk carriers carrying rice (rice is life!);
  #3 - Container ships (shiny, exciting and professional);
  #2 - Navy ships - especially British & US (moody and mysterious);
And at #1 - Car carriers! Shiny and exciting!
You've no idea how long it took me to compile this top ten. Olly


Sandra said...

#1 is also my favorite. They are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

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