This Blog serves as two things: a photo-diary of our lives between 2007 and mid 2011, when we saw some incredible things and met some amazing people; and a reflection of our more normal lives since then.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This afternoon I got stuck in a BAD traffic jam. A gridlock occurred at a busy crossroads a couple of kilometres from the port, and whilst motorists were trying to sort out the gridlock, all the gaps between their cars filled up with motorcyclists. It rapidly became every man for himself - everyone was pushing and honking and shouting without any sense or order. Traffic was packed so tightly even pedestrians couldn't cross the street, and some even had to climb onto my tow-ball to pass between me and the car close behind. Anyway, 30 minutes after the snarl started, I realised that my only option was to join in the pushing (very un-British!)...which I did, and managed to extricate myself within another 15 minutes. My blood pressure is only now getting back to normal. Olly

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