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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Saving Land Rovers, one at a time

As demand for patient transport vehicles increases, we have begun to convert our oldest Land Rovers into ambulances, with only 3 doors instead of 5. This provides a vehicle with easy access for infirm and blind patients, and puts life back into our oldest vehicles. Below, 1997 model #376 after it was converted. Can you see where the second side door used to be? I can't. Brilliant job by local metal-workers.

Below, #376 in the paint shop, half way from being and ten-seater station wagon to a ten-seater a panel van. I put the sliding windows and bench seats in.

Below, 1997 model #077 (yay for #077!) in a very sorry state, about to begin conversion into another ambulance. At this stage, the vehicle was in such poor condition that we weren't driving it. Conversion will add another 5 years to it's life.

So far we've converted 3 old Land Rovers - #077, #376 and #993, and we bought a 2006 model like this a couple of years ago from an NGO in we now have 4 Land Rover ambulances for patient transport, continually ferrying patients between the ship and the Hospitality Centre or Port gate. We couldn't manage without them. Olly

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