Saturday, 22 May 2010

Road works

A French construction company called COLAS (do an image search on that!) is rebuilding Togo's beach road, at a cost of millions and millions of Euros, no doubt. It is a massive operation, with a whole concrete plant making drains and curbs (with a tower crane to move the concrete once cast), dozens of monster trucks, road-rollers and tarmac layers, and hundreds of local staff laying miles and miles of rainwater drains that are designed to instantly transfer millions of tonnes of rainwater onto the beach in the height of rainy season. Anna and I had fun taking the photos below.

Coincidentally, that's #993 in the background of my photo, en route to the Sarakawa Hotel as part of the new crew transport service we are offering this year to reduce the strain on ship vehicles and reduce the risk of mugging of crew outside the port. Olly

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