Tuesday, 4 May 2010


This is Ama. As you can see, her face has increasingly been distorted by this huge tumour. People in her village thought it was evidence of demons within her, and her husband abandoned her and their ten-year-old daughter. Recently, the tumour and her lower jaw were removed by surgeons on the Africa Mercy, and a titanium strip was inserted to hold the face together. To bring the muscles back into shape, she had therapy from none other that our Sally! Ama's face is looking even better now than in the most recent photo, and she is well on the way to having a bone graft to replace her lower jaw. Good job, Sally! Olly

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MehranW said...

It is about a year since I looked at your blog and am utterly amazed that you guys are still there under what must be difficult conditions... and your blog... and all the work you are doing - hope to be back more regularly to follow events from now on!