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Monday, 1 September 2008

Torm Alexandra sinks again!

Last night the Torm Alexandra sank again, after being partially afloat for 8 months. This morning a group of National Port Authority officials stood on the dock looking sadly at the fore-peak sticking out of the water, wishing they hadn't cancelled the contract with the Ghanaian salvage company now, I'm sure. Before it sank again, only the ship's propeller and rudder were caught in the silt - the ship could have been towed away from the dock and beached on the other side of the port...but not now! The word on the street is that the ship was sabotaged by friends of the salvage company, who literally pulled wooden plugs out and let the ship sink. Olly

Above, the salvage company's flood-lights show above the water.

Above, mooring lines still in place.

Above the fore-peak, still moored to the dock in case the ship should float away when fully floated.

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