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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Now I've seen everything

On Friday morning, I got quite a big shock. Dozens of Liberians were unloading sacks of sugar from a neighbouring ship, and one of them clearly needed to relieve himself, so he casually dropped his trousers around his ankles and maneuvered his rear end over the side of the ship and emptied his bowels into the water - in just about the most public place in the port. I got quite a shock when I looked up and saw his bare bottom only a few meters from our dock. One of my Liberian drivers started shouting at him, which panicked the local Nigerian UN soldiers, who came running with their guns, and also the sugar ship's Thai the guy (still with his trousers around his ankles) found himself being shouted at by a growing crowd. Now I've seen everything. Olly

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Joy Hancock said...

Thanks for the mental images and the story...I'm ROTFL....