Sunday, 14 September 2008

A pleasant weekend of the ship

We've just had a most pleasant weekend staying at our friends (Jody & Paul's) apartment. Sally and I were able to sleep in a real double bed (not a sofa bed) and were able to have a very relaxing time without the stresses of living on the ship. We had a late start this morning, and then spent most of today in Jodie & Paul's swimming pool. Must do it again some time! Olly

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mehranw3 said...

I was a Captain on a Safmarine chartered ship and unfortunately cannot feel so blase about life in West Africa - I envy your ability to put up with it and having the time or inclination to keep a blog! Now am glad to be working ashore back home in Sri Lanka - looking forward to following your blog with interest since some of the areas seem familiar! Happy sailing.