Saturday, 5 July 2008

If only I had my camera with me (Thank you, Firestone!).

Last night Isaac, one of our Liberian drivers, drove his Nissan straight into swamp land. This morning I went to rescue him, with two hand winches and a selection of towing straps (all of which eventually broke). Isaac's Nissan was axle-deep in thick mud, and every effort he was making to free himself only settled him in deeper. My efforts with my Nissan and 25 local men didn't shift Isaac's Nissan we hired a 12 ton truck, which couldn't pull him out of the bog we visited Firestone's Industrial Relations Manager, Mr Roberts, at the rubber processing plant. He kindly agreed to send a massive tow-truck out to help, which succeeded in effortlessly pulling Isaac's Nissan out of the swamp with it's huge 15 ton winch. God bless Firestone! How I wish I'd had my camera with me. Olly

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