Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday 20th July...more rain

Today we have seen massive rains all day long, the likes of which I've never seen before. We tried to visit our friends Gary & Tammy across town, but had to turn around and head back to the ship because the floods were too deep.

Scouts in the pouring rain at Old Road Junction directing traffic around floods. I tried to give them some money for their labours, but was told "we don't take money: we're Scouts". I was blown away with shock - this is the first time in Liberia (in over three years) that anyone has refused money from me. Had he been alive today, Baden Powell would have been very pleased with them and all they continue to stand for.

The flooded road just before ELWA Campus. The river was pouring over it, as well as going under it through culverts, and getting deeper by the minute. Here we decided to turn around, as we were unsure we would be able to come back this way later. Gangs of young men were earning money pushing stalled cars out of the floods.

Jeety Trading Corporation's newly opened store at ELWA. Whoops. The store was built at least 5 feet above the usual river level, but here the water has risen by at least 9 feet, and is half-way up the front doors. The floodlights of SKD Stadium can be seen in the background, where Noah and I were yesterday. Olly

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julie said...

Hi Peet family! I don't know if you remember me...I met you on the ship back in March with our adopted son Teddy. He is home now and we are all doing well. I am glad I ran across your blog........
I can't believe all that rain!