This Blog serves as two things: a photo-diary of our lives between 2007 and mid 2011, when we saw some incredible things and met some amazing people; and a reflection of our more normal lives since then.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Believe it or not, there is very little for the international crew on the Africa Mercy to talk about every day. Often we don't share the same interests, or even watch the same TV shows, and there is a limit to how much we can discuss ship life...So the last few weeks have been great whilst the Euro Cup and now Wimbledon have been on satellite TV on the ship. I am amazed at the interest our international crew-mates have in these sporting events, especially Wimbledon (which is a uniquely British obsession, I thought). All over the ship, small crowds of off-duty nurses, cooks and engineers are huddled around TVs, groaning and cheering as games progress. Its great. Olly

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