Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday 27th February: Freetown!

We have just docked in Freetown. But first, two photos taken on the last days couple of days of the sail: the engineers in full uniform gathering for a group photo on Deck 8 (click on photo to enlarge):

...and a scale model of the Africa Mercy made by Tim, Sam & Ben out of old soda cans (took six and a half hours to stick them all together apparently, and even features the new pool on Deck 8) - this was the prize for the team who scored the most in yesterday's "olympic" games.

So, to Freetown: dawn over the city:

The poor visibility is down to early morning haze, burning garbage and cooking fires. From well off-shore we could smell the charcoal that fuels the majority of the city's kitchens, which immediately brought back many memories of our time here in 2004. And below, our glorious dock, with new crew and a Gateway team welcoming us in, plus local dignitaries and government ministers:

As you can see, we need to do an enormous amount of make the dock useable, including covering over the holes, sweeping away cement clinker, removing 3 cement clinker hoppers, relocating dozens of shipping containers, and establishing some kind of security fence. Roll on Monday when the port workers will be back after the weekend. More later. Olly

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