This Blog serves as two things: a photo-diary of our lives between 2007 and mid 2011, when we saw some incredible things and met some amazing people; and a reflection of our more normal lives since then.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Cape Town

There is no city quite as magic as Cape Town, where the Africa Mercy has docked for 24 hours en route to Freetown. Just the arrival alone is breathtaking, as you can see from the photo below with Table Mountain in the background...

Waiting for us on the dock were dozens of Cape Town-based ex-crew: Carl & ilne & their kids, Henry & Mampu & their bubba, the Myers, Miss Katherine, Lauren Bluck, Beth from HR...remember them?

Once again we are berthed in the fabulous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, where we are a stone's throw away from hundreds of fancy shops and restaurants: the sights, sounds and smells are fantastic! As we walk through the Waterfront there are concerts, jazz bands and Xhosa buskers at every corner - its all very festive! Photo below of the Africa Mercy at the V&A:

We had a great time talking to Carl & ilne about their close shave in Liberia and their work in South Africa...

And then Miss Katherine, Anna's old Grade 1 teacher, took us up Table Mountain:

A great time is being had by all. It is also a sad time: it may be our last time in South Africa (ever?); and it also symbolises our departure this afternoon from the riches and sophistication of the developed world and our pending arrival in poverty stricken Freetown. Olly

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