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Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 1 in Freetown

In no particular order at all: part of the "lion mountains" from Deck 7:

The Police Marching Band at the Africa Mercy's arrival ceremony (I forgot to mention that a very smart Boy Scout helped carry the national flag during the ceremony):

Unloading at dawn: the first of 25 vehicles we unloaded this morning between 6.30 and 10.30, in time for a Customs inspection:

The best African food I've had since we left Liberia over 2 years ago: peppery cassava leaf with a hint of fish, and rice, bought from a lady in the street who sold me one bowl full in a plastic bag for about 40 cents...

...which I had to share with both Anna and Libby:

The pepper is now taking it's toll and my stomach feels like it's full of lead...

Meanwhile, most port workers are on strike today, so little has happened on the dock. We are waiting for the port's big container lifter to tidy the containers that are strewn everywhere, then we can start setting up the dockside once again. Patience, Olly, patience.

Over 30 new crew embarked last night, another 30 will embark tonight and nearly 40 will embark on Friday night, all in time for the big screening on Monday. The place is full of new faces and loud voices.

Bye for now (and happy birthday to my mum), Olly

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Jo said...

Hey welcome to Freetown. Tim has such fond memories of that cassava leaf (umm not!) his stomach still churns at the thought!

Anway love to you all and praying for these coming days as you settle.

Jo B