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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Farewell South Africa

We left Cape Town at dusk last night. Goodbye South Africa. Goodbye dear friends. We hope we'll see you all again one day soon.

Our sail out of Cape Town was interesting: we did all kinds of manoeuvres as part of ongoing engine tests, which unfortunately meant the ship was rocking and rolling more than usual. So the tests were accompanied with the sounds of banging and crashing of falling things, crying children and people saying "I'm gonna throw up!" Then the fog rolled in, so the noises were joined by the ship's fog horn sounding until the wee small hours...all in all, we had a very disturbed nights sleep. We're scheduled to be at sea for another 12 days. I can't wait to get to Freetown. Olly

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Jo said...

Hey, thanks for the updates - praying that there is not too much travel sickness! :-(

Excited for you guys at what's ahead.

Much Love Jo