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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 26th February

It's Saturday morning and Sally is locking Libby's hair. We are now off the Liberian coast; in 24 hours we will be docked in Freetown, Sierra Leone. True to form, it is warm and humid and cloudy, and we've even had a couple of specular West African rain storms.

I was looking at the latest UN Human Development Index this morning. Fascinating reading. Out of 169 countries with Norway at the top and Zimbabwe at the bottom, Liberia has risen to 162, and Sierra Leone has risen to 158. And Mercy Ships has invested significantly in each of these countries. (Incidentally, the UK is 26th, after every other country in Europe except Poland and Portugal. Not sure if I completely trust this index).

We should wake tomorrow off the Sierra Leone coast, and be docked by mid morning. Can't wait. I have a busy week ahead of me: unloading all 25 vehicles, 2 trailers and my containerised workshop, then setting it all up on the dock, with power and water and our 20ft x 20ft tent. There are many jobs that need doing on the vehicles that I've been waiting to get a mechanic to do: Lamin Turay (Moses' brother) becomes a crew member on Monday. We will also be hiring a local mechanic, 2 cleaners and 4 drivers. Let the fun begin. That's why we're here. That's why God called us to Mercy Ships in West Africa. To support the amazing work that our medical teams are doing for some of the poorest and most desperate people in the world. Next Monday is our big screening day at the big stadium in Freetown: we are expecting something in the region of 5,000 people to come for medical assistance. Huh. Olly

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