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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Worm girl strikes again

In late 2006, we squeezed a living maggot out of Anna's leg - a larvae of the mango fly (Cordylobia anthropophaga). Today, bizarrely, and without a mango tree in site, our friendly crew nurse squeezed another maggot out of Anna's leg. Huh.
In other news, the freakishly warm weather of Tuesday (where 40 degrees C was recorded locally) is but a distant memory - it has crashed back down again to a miserable 16 degrees, with driving drizzle. The forecast isn't good, with sunshine only expected on Saturday and Monday. I understand that winter is drier and warmer than the spring here.
And finally from Appelsbosch: two weeks ago today we moved here. The toilets still don't flush properly in our dorm; much of our garbage still hasn't been collected, water is hit and miss as the local well has dried up, and our work emails still don't work. These are trying times. Olly

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Anonymous said...

16 degrees sounds nice :-) Max here today (west Wales coast) forecast to be 14 C!
Praying about the practicalities...