Monday, 27 September 2010


This weekend we went on a safari. We first stopped at a preserved Zulu village, where we were shown how the Zulu people lived before the settlers came.

They showed us some of their traditional crafts and skills, and dancing.

And then we went into a game reserve,

where we saw rhinos,



and various bucks, buffalo, birds, and zebras. The following day we went on a boat ride and saw crocs.

And hippos, in the shark infested waters of the St Lucia lake.

Funny enough, the boat we were in didn't have any life saving devices - I guess if it capsized we would be eaten alive before anyone could throw us a life ring.

At the end of the day we saw monkeys eating fruit out of a rubbish bin (this will never cease to amuse me!).

And we all had a little sleep on the long journey home.

Thanks to our supporters for paying for this trip. Olly

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