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Friday, 10 September 2010

Shipyard photos

I went to the ship yesterday, and took these photos. She is still in the water, but is running off shore power, and is half dark and eerily quiet.

Below: the starboard side pilot entrance. Do you recognise it? All the walls and floors have been covered in wooden boards to protect them. The main gangway is not rigged; the only access is through this pilot entrance (which is quite a squeeze at low tide). The Gurkhas and Alison are protecting the ORs, so they remain oil free and sterile.

Below: new hole in the cargo hold to bring up bits of generators:

Below: the remains of the port side Harbour Generator. I guess it will be taken out of the ship in dry dock once a hole had been cut in the side.

Below: the remains of the starboard side Harbour Generator. The alternators are still intact, again I guess they will be taken out in one piece in dry dock.

Good progress has been made so far. The Frichs generators are still in one piece, as are the Sabro air conditioning compressors - but they are small enough to be moved from the ship in one piece. The Africa Mercy will go into dry dock next Wednesday, 15th September.

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